Keeping packaging in-line for over 90 years


Gravfil® and Dico® machine
installations worldwide

Remote diagnostics for
minimum downtime

4 million

Cartons of orange juice are fulfilled by Gravfil® machines daily


Gravfil® made its first filler in 1929, since then it has grown to become one of the leading and most respected manufacturers of liquid filling machinery in the world. Many of the world’s most prestigious brands are filling their products on Gravfil® machinery.

Gravfil® liquid filling machinery

Gravfil® filling machines offer the most innovative and modern features  available in the filling industry for liquids plus low and high viscous products.

Flexibility Ease of use Rapid change over Automated cleaning processes

Dico Cap & Seal

Dico® which was known initially as Design and Installation Company Ltd. was founded in 1949 to produce machines for the aircraft, atomic and packaging industries. In 1962 Dico Packaging Engineers was created to focus on capping and closing machinery.

Dico® capping and closing machinery

Dico® capping systems cover a wide range of closures used in the industries of personal care, detergents, pharmaceuticals, automotive and food products.