British-made, high quality engineering

The team at Precision Automation are dedicated to providing customers with unrivalled service and product support. Our service and maintenance options include regular planned maintenance schedules through to complete bespoke refurbishments. We can provide staged upgrades of electronic and control systems to suit your budget and schedule.

We have many customers still successfully operating machines that were purchased in the 1970s. Customers with these older machines often ask us to carry out upgrades and refurbishments which we are only too pleased to provide.

The full refurbishment gives our customers the opportunity to upgrade their old machine to the latest specification. This will enhance reliability and improve filling and capping speeds. More importantly it provides many more years of good service from their aging machine.

A refurbishment is highly cost effective, can shorten the lead time on buying new and will give the customer a good as new machine with lower amount of Capex.

On joining Precision Automation I have been impressed by the longevity of service witnessed by the range of Gravfil® and Dico® machinery. This is testament to the high standard of original build quality achieved by our team of British engineers.

Dave Grigson, Service Manager

A real-life refurb example

A regular Gravfil® customer requested that we fully refurbish their 1998 Nexus 12 head rotary filler. This hard-working filling machine had been in use full-time since its installation in 1998.

We always work closely with our customers to ensure they get exactly what they need.

The full technical upgrade

The Nexus filler had all electrics and control systems replaced with a Siemens fully integrated PC fitted PLC. The upgrade delivered reliable and much improved control of the machine. It allowed for an increase in speed of operation and overall liquid filling efficiency.

As expected, all bearings, seals and motors were replaced.

A refresh with results

The fitting of the new Siemens control systems also allowed the fitment of a in-feed/out-feed split-feed conveyor. This produced another layer of notable gains in speed and reliability.

Finally, all new Profinet controlled pneumatics with purpose-built control manifolds were installed for faster, more controlled operation.

Before and after the refurbishment

This Nexus 12-head filling machine was in need of an overhaul after two decades of operation. The machine was showing the signs of intensive use but was still working.

This tired Gravfil Nexus filler was reconditioned and is now like new
This 22 year old Nexus filler was refurbished to like new condition
We service and repair all existing Gravfil Nexus filling machines
Refurbishment of Gravfil filling machines