Dico® Delta Servo Rotary Capping Machine

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Dico® capping machines are renowned for uncompromising quality, rugged construction and positive but smooth component handling. Backed up by our policy of continual product development Dico® machines are at the forefront of closing technology.

The Dico® Delta Servo capping machine is the latest multi spindle evolution of the Dico® rotary capping machine range.

It utilises programable servo-driven axis, replacing the conventional cam-driven movement of the previous rotary capping machine. Software configuration of the Dico® servo capping head allows rotary cap tightening, push-on cap and straw inserter applications.

With the extended stroke (ES) version of the machine together with the option of the Dico® straw inserter module this configuration allows dip tube insertion, tightening of trigger and displacement pump together with trigger and spout orientation.

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Precision Automation Dico Delta Servo

Extended stroke (ES) option for pumps, triggers and straw insertions

Straw type pumps are manually loaded to a straw air feeding track. Optional extras include automatic loading by the Dico® Straw sorting system. Conventional caps can be sorted by an optional rotary sorting system that feeds them single file into the cap supply chute.

Caps are introduced to the container neck and applied at a pre-determined rotary force via electrical clutch tightening methodology. Containers are fed via the conveyor and the centre turret indexes the containers under the capping head. After successful completion of the capping operation the capped containers are transferred back onto the machine conveyor.

Capping heads with screw and
push-on capabilities

Remote diagnostics for
minimum downtime

Speeds of up to 900
containers per minute


 PCD size:250mm–2000mm
 Machine size:Dependant of variant
 Voltage:145v AC
 Air supply:5.5 Bar / 80 PSI
 Capping heads:2-30
 Capping technology:Servo
 Output:Up to 900 containers per minute
 Cap supply system:Air feed conveyor
 Electronic cam:Yes
 Cap feed:Automatic
 Container change parts:Yes
 Cap supply system:Options available
 Elevator:Options available
 Camera overcheck:Optional
 Track & Trace system:Optional
 Container marking system:Optional
 Straw inserter:Optional
 HMI size:15 inch
 Remote diagnostics:Yes
 Control system:Siemens
 Materials:Stainless steel clad frame. Parts in contact with the container or cap – manufactured from stainless steel or suitable plastic
 Machine guards:EC Machinery Directive compliant
 Tracking:Number of containers handled. Running speed and time
 Remote diagnostics:Yes
 User manual:Yes


Twin servo capping heads
each capping head has two servo motors inbuilt

Electronic cam control
vertical motion is configurable to optimise the capping cycle

Brushless servo tightening
the motion of the capping chucks configurable via software

Level control sensor
provided in the cavity sorter to demand caps from hopper / elevator

High level cap chute sensor
stops sorter and turn off air selector when cap chute is full

Low level cap chute sensor
stops machine in event of starvation of caps from sorter

Infeed conveyor ‘Q’ sensor
automatically starts the machine with a supply of sufficient containers

Outfeed conveyor ‘Q back’ sensor
automatically stops the machine in the event of build back from down line equipment

configurable capping operation

Container change parts

Each container type requires a set of quick release change-parts including:

 Centre turret assembly
 Centre guide assembly
 Back guide assembly
 Feed scroll
 Star wheels

Multiple options available for sorting rotary caps, push-on caps, Displacement pumps and triggers prior to being fed into the capping machine.

Each cap type requires a set of quick release cap change-parts to handle caps from the cap sorting system to the capping chuck, these include:

Capping chucks
Cap sorting disc
Cap chute assembly
Cap plate assembly

Options available

Straw inserter module

The Dico® straw inserter module comprises a series of swinging jaws which align the straws with the container centre. Moving vertically it places the straw guide over the container neck.

These actions correspond with the movements of the servo capping heads to insert the straw into the container. Once inserted the jaws open allowing the pump / trigger cap to be presented and tightened onto the container.

The module includes two meters of air conveyor that can be used to manually load the pump / trigger assemblies to the capping heads and connect directly to the optional Dico® Pump and Straw Sorting System.

Fits all long stroke capping machines
Standard control system integration
Straw insertion for pump dispensers
Straw insertion for trigger caps
Dico Vision system for capping machine

The Dico® Vision system

The Vision system checks for cap presence, correct orientation of the pump nozzle and that the thread is tightened. A reject conveyor can be added to the machine system with a diverting gate assembly linked to the Dico® Vision system. The conveyor diverts containers that have failed the Vision inspection process into a controlled reject area.

Track & Trace

Dico® Track & Trace system stores cap tightening data in graphical form against either a unique serial number read from a label or applied to the container / cap. If a unique serial number is not required a time and date stamp can be used.

Store data on your factory network

Excellent customer service as standard

Remote diagnostics

All Precision Automation equipment is designed using the very latest hardware. The PC interface and ethernet communication protocol means that we can remotely connect through the customer’s VPN or 4G device. Our service desk can monitor the condition of the control system and, if required, take control of the machine. This important advanced feature further improves machine uptime and most cases prevents the requirement for on-site intervention.

Service and aftercare

All our new machines are supported by our 12 months parts and labour warranty. We offer a full maintenance back-up for servicing and breakdown repairs and will create a service plan to match the machine and the customer’s usage.
Ask us about our refurbishment and upgrade services in support of older Dico® and Gravfil® machines.

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